Think or Swim on ubuntu 17.10

I really wish TOS would distinguish themselves from the other trading service and support Linux. Regardless, I have TOS running on 17.10. Here is how I did it. The majority of the instructions are from the TOS website with a minor change or two. Just to be clear this the same as all the other ubuntu directions, but I just want to make sure if someone was having an issue on 17.10 they could find it. Load your system with Java 8 sudo apt-add-repository ppa:webupd8team/java sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer 2. Download the installer 3. install cd /Downloads sh ./ 4. When you are going thru the wizard, install the thinkorswim software here: I believe that is the trick that worked for me, was to install the app into: /usr/local/bin/thinkorswim The installer should start the application for you. The TOS small box will pop up and say that it is intalling updates. This seems to take a long time, like 5 minutes? So go do something else for a few. Then you should get login screen after a while. When it’s time to shutdown and start from stratch use: sudo ./thinkorswim Note: If you find any discrepancies or tips please leave them in the comments. I will do my best to post them, as this blog post and the other Ubuntu / TOS get a lot of hits, there are people out there that need hits. Tagged with: 17.10 • linux • think or swim • tos • trading • ubuntu

3 thoughts on “Think or Swim on ubuntu 17.10”

  1. I have been able to get TOS to run however it does not create a desktop icon and sudo ./thinkorswim results in ‘command not found’. I am a beginner level linux user so i am sorry if im missing something very basic, but could you provide some insight on how to create a desktop executable or get the launcher to function properly? Thank you!!!

    1. small update, command sudo ./thinkorswim does work for me (i didnt realize i had to be in the folder terminal -still learning!) The executable file would be nice though 🙂

    2. So I don’t have a desktop icon. So I run TOS from the terminal.
      Cd ~
      nano .bashrc
      at the very bottom put the following alias alias TOS=’ /home/{username}/thinkorswim/thinkorswim’
      save file
      then type “source bash” to refresh the bash
      then from any terminal just type TOS

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