No body reads cover letters, so decided to write a funny one.


TLDR: Tech-savvy coder with battle-tested leadership skills, armed with an MBA for good measure, ready to demystify technical hurdles and bridge the gap between the tech side and business suits. Essentially I’m the unicorn you are looking for. Seeking a position where innovation meets profitability ready to tackle challenges and drive success.

For twelve years, I’ve traversed the coding landscape, from Perl to PHP to Python, I have seen project managers scared of developers, developers who get their delicate egos hurt. I have witnessed stand-ups in the form of Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall, 4 days a week using Jira / Kaban boards. Only to see the lead developer’s inability to explain to the absentee product owner why a three-month project took over a year and two months. 

Leadership: Because you have to have someone to blame

While my experience in the Marine Corps is not typically relevant to software development jobs, I believe it is important to emphasize my combat-tested leadership for this position. Leadership is a constant challenge, requiring me to build teams, communicate effectively, and develop Marines to accomplish missions in the worst conditions on the planet. (Camp Fallujah certainly is not a popular destination for a reason.) Whether it was the Sergeant of the Guard or developing a training plan for the Battalion (800 Marines) before deployment to Iraq, I rose to the challenge. 7 months in combat has got to equal 7 years in peacetime civilian 9 to 5 leadership?

MBA: Beyond the code

Don’t let the technical jargon fool you – I possess an MBA, because sometimes the bigger picture matters. My scope extends beyond the latest coding trends; I understand how decisions impact the bottom line. I can bridge the gap between different disciplines, ensuring everyone aligns with the company’s goals. I’m passionate about finding creative solutions that generate value and foster collaboration.

I’ve seen firsthand the havoc wreaked by leadership missteps, resulting in wasted time and resources. Now, armed with my extensive skills and experience, I’m eager to take on fresh challenges in this field, confident that I embody the qualities you’re searching for.



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