A Thank You Letter to My Drill Instructor, (22 years later)

On August 1st, 2013,  I retired from the Marine Corps (reserve) after 20 years. Being a Marine was one of the best, most challenging, difficult, awesome, rewarding, dangerous, selfless, crazy, fun, dirtiest, humbling, toughest, exhausting jobs I will ever have. I thought it might be appropriate to thank one of my Drill Instructors.

USMC Drill Instructor

How often in the civilian world do you thank your boss from 22 years ago? Keep in mind my MCRD yearbook has their names, 22 years later who would have thought you could find them on Linkedin?

I’m still looking for the Drill Instructors, so I can thank them personally. (at least by email)

SSgt. I. Campbell

Sgt. P.S. Henry

Sgt. E.L. Yarbrough

Sgt. W.W. Pendergraft

Semper Fi

Drill instructor Sergeant Ivy,
Recruit Humphrey (platoon 2033) retired from the Marine Corps August 1, 2013. I would like to thank you for your service now, but surely not 20 years ago.

Semper Fi

Original published On August 17, 2015 on Strategic Options

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