Best Cover Letter Ever or Worst Cover Letter Ever?


Happy Monday!

For the sake of entertainment, or maybe standing out from the crowd or possibly going out on a creative bender. As far as I’m concerned the concept of “Rock Star” probably died in the early nineties, with Guns & Roses, Poison, Metallic. The grunge movement (Pearl Jam & Nirvana) was anti-Rock Star, then the second wave of Punk (Green Day) came along which was also anti-Rock star. After the invention of the Ipod (not the iPhone 6) in ~2001 and Napster, music became very segrated as the consumer had termendous access to a wide variety of music and no longer had to rely on major labels. No artist could maintain a majority of the population attention span, as once Micheal Jackson and or The Beatles did. Death Cab for Cutie was discovered via (remember that?) So as far as I know… I don’t know any “Rock Stars”.

However it’s rather easy in PhP to use the function str_replace(), and we can change “Rock Star” to “Punk Rock Star” (which in it’s self would be an oxymoron) and I might be interested. We can also change Codeigniter PhP on my resume to Cake PHP. (Codeigniter MVC PHP I suspect is very similar to CAKE MVC PHP) so please keep that in mind as well.

In the meantime, I have developed an interactive resume that illustrates my skill set in a more palatable form. (I was force to make interactive resume because it was becoming clear that IT recruiters don’t read.) A formal resume can be found on the website as well.


Chad Humphrey

Originally published On October 26, 2014 on Strategic Options

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