Family Office / Futures market trading internship.

I work at a very small firm (Not strategic options). We have been trading futures for the last year profitably with an algorithm I was given and then improved upon.

I am the CIO / code / program / trader and in addition to building the trading infrastructure around the algorithm. We trade with Interactive Brokers.

We are looking for someone with a good knowledge of the market, some data scientist background, and ability to write code python, php and or mysql (even at the basic level is fine, but not “hello world” level) and an incredible desire to learn.

Chances are good you will start working building our backtest environment. Yes, we could use quantconnect, but well we aren’t amateurs anymore. Then you will work on your own adding new assets to the algorithm and optimizing that particular algo for that new asset class. In the final project will the algorithm in new assets such as stocks.

The project will be rather intense and I would think it might even quality for two semesters of work. I am a retired Marine, so I can assure you this is not a “hide and slide” internship. What I can guarantee at the end of this internship, you will either want to continue in this field or never want to come back.

At times you will work with no guidance and you will have to solve the problems yourself. At this level there isn’t time for hand holding. The internship is remote so anyone can apply. I expect professionalism and if you are Millennial, try not to act like one, as we just are wasting our time.

CS degrees need not apply. I am one of this dirty self taught coders. So I could really care less about your OOP hierarchy static class structures. I’m here to make money and the one thing the market doesn’t care about is OOP. Prove me wrong.

With that said, does this sound like an interesting internship? Is it possible? Does this sound like something one would want to see in an internship? Do I sound obnoxious? (It’s okay to say yes, I’m just trying to weed out the weak hearted.) Send you resume or thought to [email protected]

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