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Well sorry it isn’t that easy… Trust me I know.

But there is good news! I’m looking for guest bloggers on my site.Well sorry it isn’t that easy… Trust me I know.

But there is good news! I’m looking for guest bloggers on my site.

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But then again you always be bitcoin speculator!


Greece default. Don’t even worry about it…

support your local banker federal reserve
There is nothing like waking up in the morning and pulling out the good old blackberry, (sorry, I’m old school) and reading via my twitter feed that Jamie Dimon sees little impact from Greece default. After that I turned off the alarm, because there is no longer need to worry and slept for another hour or so!  Thank goodness we have bankers to tell us how to think!

Well I won’t go into a tirade,  there are plenty of other people I can link to that deserve the credit. Of course, Zero Hedge, had an immediate response. (Weather you like the site or not, thank goodness we have a free press.) Even the “highly analytical” Business Insider produced a simple slide show, two months ago. If Jamie is so unconcerned, maybe we should stop with the whole Bernanke ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) and  he can start marking to market JP Morgan’s balance sheet.


#If your bullish don’t watch this:  Charles Biderman Explains The Bullish Market Ponzi, video via Zerohedge.

#Congressional portfolios: Politicians are the best traders. video via 60 minutes.

#CNBC  investigates: Most Share Buybacks Don’t Pay Off for Investors. The following is probably true in the long run, just ask Eddie Lambert of Sears. On the contrary, let’s not forget the robots see buybacks in the news feed it can send the stock up 11% in one day, just look at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Below are the best and worst performing stocks of 2012. Do you see a trend?

Proceed with caution, the CNBC indictator is broken.

It’s true, the correlation has been broken.  I was testing a theory, that if there was pornography articles on the CNBC website, then the market would go up! Unfortunatley, based on my mathematical analysis, the correlation was broken today. There was an adult entertainment slide show  on the front page of CNBC and the market went down. Time to adjust strategy.

#Apple: Congratulations, Apple Inc. It’s amazing what an American company can do with out bailouts or corrupting the political system. If Apple continues to grow at 20% each quarter, extrapolating into the future, means that the company will hit $1 trillion in cash by Q1 2015.

#Greece?:  Explains how the Euro Process works, in 5 steps.

#Public service announcement: The post office is missing some tax payer equipment, please help.

#twitter: You can follow me here. At this point I don’t tweet that much so you won’t have to list me, because I am to busy following other people’s tweets.

#liars: The other day someone said I was a liar, that I couldn’t track 600 stocks and only Goldman Sach could do that. So below you can a find 10 of the best and worst stocks of 2012. Don’t worry, I bought all of the best stocks and sold short the worst. (oh, now I’m lying) Click on the link to see where the algorithm started tracking the stock.


This Euro crisis is so over, now let’s watch Football!

football throw balls and jump on each otherSince the market is in a low volume melt up, I decided it to take Friday off, as did everybody else did… (except for the buy robots)

Now it is Sunday and it’s time to watch some football.  But in the meantime here are some highlights.

#Bullish:  “CNBC will pump this market as long as they can, or till the bears are insolvent”

#Bearish:   TrimTabs asks the question, ‘who is pumping up stock prices?’ His answer is noteworthy as a large number of indicators suggest institutional investors are more optimistic than at any time since the ‘waterfall’ decline in the summer of 2011. Via Zerohedge

#Bullish or Bearish?: The Federal Reserve meets January 24 & 25.

#Euro crisis is over?: When a famous English model / reality tv personality starts tweeting about the Euro Crisis, this whole crisis might be over played or just getting started?

#Euro crisis explained via chart: Explains how the Euro Process works, in 5 steps.

#Euro crisis explained via hedge fund/academic: The Smiling Faces of Ben Bernanke & Marc Faber.

#Euro crisis explained via comedians: Solving the crisis with more debt?

#Put a fork in it, these stocks are done:  Below is a list of stocks that are showing significant over bought signs. If you own them, sell calls, if you are bearish sell calls spreads, if you like to live on the edge sell short,  If you don’t care you can check out the 600 stocks I track here.