How to get option prices for free – API Yahoo

I don’t know why this was so difficult to find this on google, but eventually I found it in the code of a node js library.

Deep inside the nodejs library is the url to query option data. I don’t think this is a secret but yahoo sure wants it that way with there use of YSQL nonsense.

Regardless, here is the url:

Obviously, AAPL is apple computers. This will return nicely formed JSON data. It will also return all the existing expiration dates at the top of the json object.

If you want a specific date the you just add the ?date=1505433600 to the end of the URL.  The date is converted into unix time, which you can translate here.

I will use php to parse the json object, drop it into database, which wasn’t that difficult. The key take away is the formation of the URL call to Yahoo. One can use any language to parse the data.

Surprisingly, this is pretty simple.

Leave questions or concerns in the comments. I’m also available for hire.




After ten years Google water is back

Yes, Google water.

google water

Roughly, ten years ago I did a tour in Iraq with the Marine Corpsa in Camp Fallujah (05-06), I ran across some google water. I think it was a third country national that brought to me. It’s actually water from Syria as labelled on the bottle. You might consider this a “legal” war trophy. This of course was before the Syrian civilian war kicked off.

When I was Iraq I auctioned off bottle and the money went to the Fisher house. (One of my favorite charities.) But Ebay shut down the auction because it violated the copyright laws.  If my memory serves me right, I think someone emailed me and we set up a fake ebay listing and then they bought that fake listing for $500 of which the $500 which to the Ebay / Fisher Charity.

Recently, I dug out 5 bottles that I had brought back from Iraq. They had been packed away in  the garage for like the last 10 years. Regardless, they are in good shape and I don’t want them any more. I will happily sell them in exchange for a donation to the the Fisher house. Please email and we can set up arrangements to transfer the money to charity and exchange the bottles or if someone knows a better way to transfer the bottles via charity, please let me know.

Here is a little history as preserved by the internets…

Google water is back!! (Circa 2006)

Marine auctions “Google Water” from Fallujah for charity again   Via Boing Boing, 2006

But it’s important to note, this water is will not bring you magically powers, at least none that I’m aware of.