Chase Ink & Chase Ink Plus

I currently have the Chase Ink card. I got a quick 60,000 points by spending 5,000 in three months. Generally, that is not difficult to do if you really work at it.

Regardless, I’m looking for my conquest and I ran across the Chase Ink Plus. So marched down to local Chase Branch and signed up for the card. But before I signed up I made them confirm that I still could get the bonus of the Chase Ink Plus card  (70K) if I had another card registered under the same business. The clerk said sure. Then I said prove it and he called someone and confirmed that you CAN NOT get the bonus for the Chase Ink Plus when you already have the Chase Ink.  However he seemed confident that you could get the bonus with Chase Bold (50k bonus) on the Internet if you already have the Chase Ink. But I will have to confirm that.

So if you want to take advantage of the Chase Ink Plus you will have open a second business account. If anybody hears other wise please post it in the comments.

Hope that helps.

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