Last Entrepreneurial event of 2014, #Denver #startup

Let’s face it, December is a very busy month.

That’s why Co-Founders Lab and myself “The CO-Ambassador” front loaded this event at the beginning of the Month!

Just for you and your holiday needs!

Think of it as a Holiday gift to you!

Dec 3rd, 6:00 pm @ Galvanize

Best Cover Letter Ever or Worst Cover Letter Ever?


Happy Monday!

For the sake of entertainment, or maybe standing out from the crowd or possibly going out on a creative bender. As far as I’m concerned the concept of “Rock Star” probably died in the early nineties, with Guns & Roses, Poison, Metallic. The grunge movement (Pearl Jam & Nirvana) was anti-Rock Star, then the second wave of Punk (Green Day) came along which was also anti-Rock star. After the invention of the Ipod (not the iPhone 6) in ~2001 and Napster, music became very segrated as the consumer had termendous access to a wide variety of music and no longer had to rely on major labels. No artist could maintain a majority of the population attention span, as once Micheal Jackson and or The Beatles did. Death Cab for Cutie was discovered via (remember that?) So as far as I know… I don’t know any “Rock Stars”.

However it’s rather easy in PhP to use the function str_replace(), and we can change “Rock Star” to “Punk Rock Star” (which in it’s self would be an oxymoron) and I might be interested. We can also change Codeigniter PhP on my resume to Cake PHP. (Codeigniter MVC PHP I suspect is very similar to CAKE MVC PHP) so please keep that in mind as well.

In the meantime, I have developed an interactive resume that illustrates my skill set in a more palatable form. (I was force to make interactive resume because it was becoming clear that IT recruiters don’t read.) A formal resume can be found on the website as well.


Chad Humphrey

Dear @dreamhostcare: Fix my FTP Permissions

The “boticom” user has files within the FTP that are controled by special_user. I did not create a user called special user. I’m cofident that someone at dreamhost did!

Regardless I have deleted the special_user. But to no avail. The user new user is 14189069?

I don’t mean to tell you how to do your job, but I will. It’s a simple fix.

chown boticom:pg2251864 -R sports or maybe chown boticom:pg2251864 -R

As you may know or not know I can’t chown in the terminal…

All I ask is that you don’t take my site down for 16 hours like you did last time. That time was completely your fault! But hey who is counting!?

Need help w/ WordPress site (Genesis framework)

Congratulations, for wanting to learn a little WordPress on your own.

I don’t know what kind of website you are running, but I can assure that nobody really cares about your design. (Just look at Craigslist). You are not a CSS designer… Otherwise you wouldn’t be spending your time on buying a theme. An extensive amount of plugins only clog your wordpress and reduce page load time. (Not to mention they could open ports to hackers) So focus on your core value proposition. I.E. blog, products for sale…

I speak from experience… I have financed my last two trips to Hawaii on people who want change colors, fonts and icons…