Verizon stop stealing my phones

This is a little old, but I finally have time to get to it…

Last year (September 2014), I purchased 2 Iphone 6 plus, under the premise they would provide $200 credit for each iphone 4 I returned to them. I have sent back my iphone 4 and verizon has not provided me with the $200 x2 credit.  This was part of the promotion for the new Iphone. Verizon has failed to credit me the $400.

So after long conversation with Verizon and spending time endless hours on the phone, Verizon finally sent me a return envelope to send the iphone 4 phones. So I packaged them up and sent them to Verizon, come to find out they sent me packing slip to send the phones to charity and I would not be getting a credit after all.  verzionSo I don’t have a problem with charity, but that wasn’t part of the agreement. I’m tired of calling verizon. So I call my credit card company Chase. I disputed the charges with Chase. Well Chase isn’t much better, basically they didn’t want to get involved, although they did contact Verzion. Verizon said they where aware of the problem but they didn’t seem to care. Chase denied my dispute with Verizon, well because Chase isn’t that great of Credit Card either.

Then I got busy…

And now here I am with just a little time on my hands, trying to resolve this issue.

So Verizon, you know how to get a hold of me and we can resolve this #firstworldproblem

After ten years Google water is back

Yes, Google water.

google water

Roughly, ten years ago I did a tour in Iraq with the Marine Corpsa in Camp Fallujah (05-06), I ran across some google water. I think it was a third country national that brought to me. It’s actually water from Syria as labelled on the bottle. You might consider this a “legal” war trophy. This of course was before the Syrian civilian war kicked off.

When I was Iraq I auctioned off bottle and the money went to the Fisher house. (One of my favorite charities.) But Ebay shut down the auction because it violated the copyright laws.  If my memory serves me right, I think someone emailed me and we set up a fake ebay listing and then they bought that fake listing for $500 of which the $500 which to the Ebay / Fisher Charity.

Recently, I dug out 5 bottles that I had brought back from Iraq. They had been packed away in  the garage for like the last 10 years. Regardless, they are in good shape and I don’t want them any more. I will happily sell them in exchange for a donation to the the Fisher house. Please email and we can set up arrangements to transfer the money to charity and exchange the bottles or if someone knows a better way to transfer the bottles via charity, please let me know.

Here is a little history as preserved by the internets…

Google water is back!! (Circa 2006)

Marine auctions “Google Water” from Fallujah for charity again   Via Boing Boing, 2006

But it’s important to note, this water is will not bring you magically powers, at least none that I’m aware of.




ThinkorSwim on Ubuntu 15.04

I wrote a blog post about TOS, Ubuntu and 14.04 and based on traffic, there appears to be serious need for this issue. I have since upgraded to 15.04 and will probably upgrade to 15.10 here a few weeks.

Unfortunately, when I upgraded to 15.04, I’m no longer able to log into TOS. Has anybody had any success with 15.04 and TOS? If so please post a link in the comments and I will try do a write so everybody can figure this out, since Front running, Non Linux supporting TD Ameritrade has no interest in support there product.

A Thank You Letter to My Drill Instructor, (22 years later)

On August 1st, 2013,  I retired from the Marine Corps (reserve) after 20 years. Being a Marine was one of the best, most challenging, difficult, awesome, rewarding, dangerous, selfless, crazy, fun, dirtiest, humbling, toughest, exhausting jobs I will ever have. I thought it might be appropriate to thank one of my Drill Instructors.

USMC Drill Instructor

How often in the civilian world do you thank your boss from 22 years ago? Keep in mind my MCRD yearbook has their names, 22 years later who would have thought you could find them on Linkedin?

I’m still looking for the Drill Instructors, so I can thank them personally. (at least by email)

SSgt. I. Campbell

Sgt. P.S. Henry

Sgt. E.L. Yarbrough

Sgt. W.W. Pendergraft

Semper Fi

Drill instructor Sergeant Ivy,
Recruit Humphrey (platoon 2033) retired from the Marine Corps August 1, 2013. I would like to thank you for your service now, but surely not 20 years ago.

Semper Fi

Chad Humphrey

Don’t call the SEC or FINRA on Scottrade, they will close your account

If you are not happy with your brokerage account, whatever you do don’t contact FINRA or the SEC. This is the fastest way to get your account closed. But then again it might the fastest way to shut it down…

I forgot that I had this laying letter around in some files that I was sifting thru the other day. At the time of this letter, I filled a complaint with the SEC as I believe that Scottrade was not only recording my phone calls without permission. (This is a federal offense since I have a California phone number) Most importantly Scottrade was providing misleading information in regards to my account. With that I took the time and filed a compliant with FINRA and then SEC.  We all know that FINRA, the self policing organization with the highest standards, did absolutely nothing.  The Porn watching employees of the SEC, as you can image did absolutely nothing.

The moral of the story is that if you file a complaint with FINRA or SEC, then Scottrade will happily shut down your account.

Scottrade closure letter

RE: OptionsFirst Account XXXXX901

Dear Mr. Humphrey:

We are writing to inform you that the status of your OptionsFirst Account has changed. Due to our determination that you7 require a higher level of services, we no longer feel comfortable maintaining your account. It is the decision the Compliance Department to terminate our Business relationship with you.

Please be advised that as of the close of business on April 16, 2010, your account will be closed for new purchases and any orders to opne new positions. Furthermore, your internet access will be limited to view your account information only. You will no longer be able to place trades online.

Please be aware that your account will not be frozen, but will be restricted to liquidation transaction only. We will accept instructions to liquidation and closer out existing positions through the OptionstFirst Department. You can place your trades by calling them at 1-877-223-3344. Please be aware you will only be charged the Internet rate.

If you do not wish to liquidate your positions, we kindly ask that you make immediate arrangement to transfer our account to antother brokerage firm of your choice.

We regret that we are not longer able to serve your investment needs.


Cilnton Borchardt
Senior Compliance Examiner

cc: Brian Falls, OptionsFirst Manager


I’m going back to Hawaii for FREE! 140k Chase Ultimate Rewards in 6 months.



In just under 6 months I have racked up  140,000 ultimate rewards. That is one round trip to ticket to Hawaii or other places. ( I really only want to go to Hawaii)  This was rather easy, all I did was spend $5,000 on the chase card in 3 months and got 60k in ultimate rewards. Then I got another credit card and did the same. Spending 5k on a credit card in 3 months is really not that hard, if you just disciplined about it. Besides using your debit card doesn’t get you anything in return. Paid the balance every month, so I didn’t have to pay interest, which would obviously decrease the value of the ultimate rewards.


Read more about how I set up my cards here.

Just keep in mind, this is a battle of the banks / credit card companies. Stay vigilant. It’s you vs. them. They want you to be enticed by these offers, because statistically they know that you will fall behind someday and that’s where they make the bulk of their profits on interest.  Credit Cards at the end of the day are nothing more than commodities, take advantage of their offers, be disciplined and then shut the cards down when you are done.


What I want for Christmas… #blackfriday

I would like the following:

  1. End the Federal Reserve
  2. Dismantle the NSA
  3. Dissolve the Government backed Banks. (Goldman, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citibank, and Wells Fargo would be a good start.)
  4. A Government that adheres to the constitution. (This applies to both Republican & Democrats)

But I really don’t think that’s going to happen this year, unless Santa stops passing out all those toys. I’m not holding my breath.

I have finally gotten to a point where I get violently sick at Christmas Commercialism and each year it seems to get worse.  If you don’t believe just take a gander over here. Christmas decorations in October really? As we all know, but not willing to admit, Christmas has become a farce, a shopping bonanza to prop up our consumer excess funded economy. In the past, I have often enjoyed giving people gifts of donations to local animal shelters, humanitarian organizations and veterans organizations. It’s the best “Christmas Feeling” watching some one open a donation card in their name, instead of receiving that expensive new shirt or that more expensive and bigger iPhone 6 plus, but in reality it’s just a larger iphone 5.  It’s hard for the receiver to get mad when you are doing something for humanity, cause they don’t want to look greedy. In meantime, this year I have asked everybody that wants to give me Christmas gift, to forgo a gift and please make donation to one of the following organizations.

So here is a list of 10 charities for Veterans. I’m slightly biased, well because I’m a retired Marine. I have donated to the Fisher House Foundation in the past. It is one of  my favorite charity organizations. Nobody, thinks about where Wounded Warriors families are going to stay, when the service member returns stateside.  There isn’t a lot of glamour in what they do, it’s not the most headline driven organization, but when you need them they are there. There organization also receives high marks on charity navigator as well.

So if you have another valid charity, please leave it in the comments.

1. Fisher House Foundation

2. Thanks USA

3. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust

4. Homes for Our Troops

5. Puppies Behind Bars

6. Wounded Warriors Family Support

7. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

8. USO

9. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

10. Hope for the Warriors



The end of QE, but that doesn’t mean the end of profits

October’s stock numbers are in and things don’t look so bad, weather you are bearish or bullish. Either way, if you followed my Stock Analysis or Stock Market Tips. Click here for full details of October’s 50 best preforming stocks.

SM energy was one of the big winners with ~17% return in the month of October. Shocking with the drop in oil that an energy company would tank? You can thank Saudi Arabia price cuts for that wining stock tip! Looks like it is getting pretty bearish for The Gap (GAP) and J. C. Penny (JCP) as both stock tips returned a ~10% gain for the month of Oct. While Facebook (FB), Domino’s  (DPZ) , Visa (V) and Time Warner Cable (TWC) all averaged 10% stock return as well.

As for Time Warner this should be a surprise…


Because we all know the cable companies are out to screw us. Maybe that’s why Netflix (NFLX) is down so much this month. Click, to see all of Octobers 50 wining stocks or you can sign up to see all 1,000 stock market tips. Right now it’s free, but not for long. But hey if you don’t like my advice, then there always is Jim Cramer, he would be happy to give you some stock tips for free!


Finally, if that isn’t enough JP Morgan (JPM) is offer a risk free rate of return on Cash!