This is a little old, but I finally have time to get to it…

Last year (September 2014), I purchased 2 Iphone 6 plus, under the premise they would provide $200 credit for each iphone 4 I returned to them. I have sent back my iphone 4 and verizon has not provided me with the $200 x2 credit.  This was part of the promotion for the new Iphone. Verizon has failed to credit me the $400.

So after long conversation with Verizon and spending time endless hours on the phone, Verizon finally sent me a return envelope to send the iphone 4 phones. So I packaged them up and sent them to Verizon, come to find out they sent me packing slip to send the phones to charity and I would not be getting a credit after all.  verzionSo I don’t have a problem with charity, but that wasn’t part of the agreement. I’m tired of calling verizon. So I call my credit card company Chase. I disputed the charges with Chase. Well Chase isn’t much better, basically they didn’t want to get involved, although they did contact Verzion. Verizon said they where aware of the problem but they didn’t seem to care. Chase denied my dispute with Verizon, well because Chase isn’t that great of Credit Card either.

Then I got busy…

And now here I am with just a little time on my hands, trying to resolve this issue.

So Verizon, you know how to get a hold of me and we can resolve this #firstworldproblem

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