In just under 6 months I have racked up  140,000 ultimate rewards. That is one round trip to ticket to Hawaii or other places. ( I really only want to go to Hawaii)  This was rather easy, all I did was spend $5,000 on the chase card in 3 months and got 60k in ultimate rewards. Then I got another credit card and did the same. Spending 5k on a credit card in 3 months is really not that hard, if you just disciplined about it. Besides using your debit card doesn’t get you anything in return. Paid the balance every month, so I didn’t have to pay interest, which would obviously decrease the value of the ultimate rewards.


Read more about how I set up my cards here.

Just keep in mind, this is a battle of the banks / credit card companies. Stay vigilant. It’s you vs. them. They want you to be enticed by these offers, because statistically they know that you will fall behind someday and that’s where they make the bulk of their profits on interest.  Credit Cards at the end of the day are nothing more than commodities, take advantage of their offers, be disciplined and then shut the cards down when you are done.